Trace inspiration to its deepest roots.


Trace inspiration to its deepest roots.

Mississippi gives rise to more than our fair share of legends.
See what inspired them and spark the legend within you.

The immersive exhibits at The MAX take you behind the scenes at the birthplace of the stars. Come explore their cultural influences, glimpse their earliest forms of creative expression, and see the raw creative process behind the polished work you know and love.

River Experience


From the coastline to the red hills to the Delta flatlands, artists continually find inspiration in the land. Discover Mississippi's unique natural landscapes and the artists and artwork they inspired.

Kitchen Interactive


Come to the place where it all began. Discover some of the earliest influences of Mississippi's now-famous creative legends, and glimpse some of their first artistic expressions.



A sense of belonging is an important part of Mississippi culture. Especially for artists. See how artists find inspiration and support through community, and how they use creativity to bring people together.



For generations of Mississippi artists, The Church represents more than religious faith. It is a rich source of inspiration, and often the first place where an artist's creativity is expressed in a public setting.


People + Places

Just as a place can shape an artist's work, the presence of artists can influence a place. Explore the dynamic relationship between artist and place, and see how places in Mississippi are shaped by the creative spirits who call them home.

Global Connections

Global Community

Once you explore the many ways Mississippi has influenced our artists, come take a look at all the exciting ways Mississippians have influenced creativity around the world, and in every area of the arts.

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