Experience Design


THE MAX will be housed in an architecturally iconic structure nearly 60,000 square feet in size. The unique design is a joint effort by LPK Architects of Meridian and Canizaro Cawthon Davis.

Branding and Visual Identity

Part of the vision of THE MAX is to have a cultural impact that extends far beyond the borders of Mississippi. To create a brand identity to support this goal, THE MAX enlisted GodwinGroup, Mississippi’s leading marketing communications firm. By echoing the modern architectural lines of THE MAX, the logo mark’s striking silhouette sets an unmistakable tone for the caliber of our exhibits, while the negative space creates a versatile and playful “window pane” which can reveal exciting elements of the visitor experience.

Exhibit Design

Fully one half of all space at THE MAX will educate and inspire visitors through interactive audiovisual exhibits telling the stories of how and why Mississippians have influenced the arts all over the world. The interactive exhibits at THE MAX are organized around five themes — the land, the home, the community, the church and the people. These exhibits are designed by Gallagher & Associates, a world-renowned firm with a strong history of creating exceptional visitor experiences.

Space to Create

Nearly half of THE MAX is designed for gathering, performing and creating! Two art studios, a recording studio, a courtyard stage and a multipurpose room are designed for schools, civic clubs, churches and individuals to use for special programs and events. Meanwhile, our cozy coffee shop and open rooftop terrace provide two unique places to relax, visit with friends and take in the view.

Hall of Fame

Soaring two stories tall, the dramatic Hall of Fame rotunda is the centerpiece of THE MAX. In this 360-degree exhibit, the tremendous impact of Mississippians in the arts and entertainment world is unmistakable. As famous faces come to life through interactive touch screens, guests will sense the full impact of just how many global cultural icons have called Mississippi home.

Walk of Fame

A Hollywood-style Walk of Fame was unveiled on February 15, 2009 and continues to make its way from the MSU Riley Center to THE MAX. New Walk of Fame stars will accompany the earlier stars of Jimmie Rodgers, Sela Ward, B. B. King, Marty Stuart, William Faulkner, Morgan Freeman, Walter Anderson, Mac McAnally, Hartley Peavey and others.