Take your creativity to THE MAX

Shoot your own movie. Write your own book. Record your own song. Make your own masterpiece.

THE MAX is not just a place where you can look and dream. THE MAX is a place where you can make and do. It’s all part of our mission to inspire tomorrow’s artists and pass down Mississippi’s rich heritage in every area of the arts. What will you make at THE MAX? We can’t wait to see.

Hands-On Creative Workshops and Educational Events

THE MAX will host creative workshops and educational events throughout the year where visitors of all ages can explore their artistic interests and experience the magic of the creative process.

In spring 2018 check our calendar for workshops and events in visual arts, writing, music, dance, drama and other forms of creative expression.

Fine art studio and recording studio

If you’re feeling extra creative, THE MAX can take you behind the scenes and straight into the studio. Come paint your own picture in a fine art studio, or make your own album in a real recording studio, right here on site at THE MAX.

Broadcast studio

Tune in your radio! Next to the recording studio is a state-of-the-art broadcast studio where Mississippi storytellers, musicians, radio stations and locally produced radio programs can broadcast live right from THE MAX.