The Church

Throughout human history, faith and religion have inspired countless works of art.

To this day, faith remains a vital element of culture, community and creativity for Mississippians. From the Coast to the Delta, the influence of faith in Mississippi art cannot be overstated.

Diverse religious traditions have given hope, sparked rebellion, encouraged social activism and provided churchgoers with venues for artistic expression.

On Sundays, someone might be singing with the choir, writing songs or sermons, or playing instruments in a worship service. Sacred stories were often told with paint, clay, iron, wood or stained glass. When loved ones passed into glory, their survivors would remember them with monuments of stone and enduring stories passed down through the years.

In these ways and many others, the church has provided generations of Mississippians with ample opportunities to explore their creativity. Today, the church continues to be a foundation that shapes artistic styles in music, literature, visual arts and performance.

Come see how, at THE MAX. First, discover what Mississippi legends were most influenced by the church, then put yourself in their Sunday shoes and retrace their path to inspiration. In our CHURCH exhibit, you can sit in a quiet pew, gaze at soaring stained glass windows, stand where the choir would sing and experience the power of the church as one of Mississippi’s most well-known artistic influences.