The Community

Creativity brings people together.

So much so, that one of the exhibits at THE MAX is devoted to exploring the unique relationship between the arts, and, well, relationships.

Because if you know anything about Mississippians, it’s that we’re people people. A sense of community and connectedness defines the South in general and Mississippi in particular. That’s why the process of finding and fostering a sense of belonging in our families, neighborhoods, small towns and cities is a distinctive part of Mississippi culture that affects all our people, and especially our artists. For them, this sense of community is not just a critical source of social support — it’s also a source of inspiration.

The times when people are gathered together are the times when stories are made. And told. And stretched over time into ever-taller tales. Community politics, family dynamics, long-guarded secrets and celebrated accomplishments inspire Mississippi’s most supreme storytellers — our authors, songwriters, playwrights, comedians, directors and interviewers — to do their best work.

Not to mention, a close-knit community between artists allows them to collaborate in exciting and unexpected ways. Mississippi artists, writers and others have been known to work together in creative enclaves where new ideas could be explored apart from mainstream culture.

At THE MAX, our COMMUNITY exhibit celebrates the neighborhoods, cities, small towns and communities that supported and inspired the artists of the past, and continue to nourish the emerging artists of today.

Come explore where Mississippians live, work, play, collaborate and create, and see how our artists “cross-pollinate,” influence and energize one other.