The Land

For people everywhere, the land we grow up in somehow becomes part of who we are. Mississippians are no different.

Whether they have worked the land, traveled through it or simply lived among the crop fields, forests, waterways and towns, the land has been an enduring influence on generations of Mississippi artists. In fact, many of them say the land is what inspired their very first spark of creativity. Perhaps you can relate.

For most Mississippians — and not just the famous ones — it’s nearly impossible to paddle a river, walk the coastline, cross over cropland, cut through a pine forest or pass a cypress swamp without feeling some kind of inspiration. Maybe that’s why these distinct places, and the abundant plants and wildlife that call them home, appear so often in paintings, sculptures, pottery, songs, literature and films by Mississippians: Sometimes as a backdrop, and sometimes, as the hero.

For some artists, the land is more than just a muse. It also generously provides the raw materials they use to create their work, like clay for pottery, river cane for basket weaving, cotton for textiles and wood for building.

Maybe you grew up in Mississippi yourself. Or maybe you call another land your home. Either way, you can explore the land that inspired Mississippi’s world-renowned creative legends at THE MAX. Our exhibit space THE LAND will take you on an immersive, interactive journey through the unique, and uniquely inspiring, landscapes of Mississippi.

In THE LAND, you can see Mississippi’s distinctive natural landscapes in a special way: through the eyes of our artists. Find out what it was about these natural places that compelled Mississippians to create, and see the works this land inspired.

Come explore these places at THE MAX, and you just might find some inspiration for your own creative project. One thing’s for sure: You won’t look at another landscape the same way again.