The People and Places

In Mississippi, artists and their environments are closely connected. So much, in fact, they’re almost two sides of the same coin.

For one thing, the influence and inspiration flow both ways — from place to artist (or, artist to place) and back again. Whether working alone or within collaborative groups, artists leave a visible mark on the places where they live, work and inspire one another.

As time passes, a quiet town might evolve into an acclaimed cultural destination, or become known as a quirky retreat for creative social misfits. By making such an evident impact on their environment, artists have put Mississippi on the cultural and creative map of the world.

Through the work of artists, writers and other creative individuals, certain cities in Mississippi have become known far and wide as important creative and intellectual centers. These destinations attract enthusiasts of literature, fine art, music and performing arts from all over to visit, soak in the culture and seek creative enrichment.

Other areas, from lonesome farm towns to the harsh confines of Parchman Prison, have spawned creativity from the struggles of toil and dirt, the pressures of poverty and even the despair of incarceration.

At THE MAX, you can explore the connection between people and places. Our PEOPLE AND PLACES exhibit highlights the unique flow of influences between environment and creativity, and how these influences have left an unmistakable mark on Mississippi’s most-visited places.