Donation Inspires New Membership Program

The Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience is partnering with nonprofit organizations and donors to provide MAX memberships to selected individuals who can benefit from time spent in the art museum’s tranquil, engaging setting.

MAXCares began with a generous offer by a California couple with Meridian ties who discovered the MAX and appreciated it so much they became members. Realizing that they wouldn’t be able to visit anytime soon, they asked to allocate their membership to someone less fortunate in the Meridian community. They requested that the Salvation Army select the recipient. That kind gesture touched the hearts of The MAX staff. They reached out to local nonprofits and donors and put together the MAXCares program.

Financial supporters of the MAXCares will help provide one-year memberships to clients of partnering nonprofit organizations, including individuals facing economic, medical, or other hardships.

To participate, simply donate the full amount or provide partial membership support that can be combined with other donations. You may choose an organization from the program’s current agency list, or an organization will be designated through a rotation process. Each recipient will receive a membership to The MAX containing the same benefits as those associated with all regular memberships, including free admission, a 10% discount in the museum’s gift shop, and a subscription to PLACE, the quarterly publication of The MAX. MAXCares will provide the gifted membership to one of the following organizations:

MAX Cares will provide the gifted membership to one of the following organizations:


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