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          Fri 21

          Exhibit Opening: Heal the Knife that Cuts the Wound

          February 1, 9:00 amMay 3, 5:00 pm
          Fri 21

          Members Only: February Open Ceramics Studio

          February 4, 11:00 amFebruary 27, 2:00 pm
          Fri 21

          Film Screening: Native Son

          February 21, 6:30 pm9:00 pm
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Learning takes center stage at The MAX.


Learning takes center stage at The MAX.

For Aspiring Artists

Picturing Success and The Sound of Success

Hone your craft at The MAX. If you are a rising junior or senior in high school and talented in the visual arts or music, your art teacher can nominate you to participate in an immersive program in Meridian, MS. This two-week experience will expose you to professional artist mentors, intensive training in your field, and the opportunity to create an outstanding portfolio with which to pursue a higher education in your art form.

Picturing Success and The Sound of Success are educational collaborations between public and private school educators and The MAX. High school art teachers recommend outstanding juniors and seniors who plan to pursue further training through higher education. The program pairs students with professional artist mentors who will teach and guide the student and help develop a portfolio of artwork for submittal to higher education programs. The Success programs are sponsored by grants from both private and public sources. The goal of the program is to provide quality free counseling and training in the arts to students who otherwise could not afford professional guidance and training.

Scheduled to launch Summer of 2019

Contact Museum Educator at lewis@msarts.org

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