When it comes to arts and entertainment, Mississippi is a land of legends.

And that gave us an idea.

What if we told all their stories together in one place? What if we could showcase the overwhelming impact of Mississippi's creative legacy to locals and visitors alike? What if we help ignite creativity in the artists of the future?

Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience – The MAX, as we call it – showcases Mississippi's global legacy in every area of the arts, honors Mississippi's legends in arts and entertainment, and inspires tomorrow's artists through exhibitions, performances, classes, and events.


Plan Your Visit

Come experience Mississippi in new ways. We're easy to get to and very affordable.


What's Inside

Walk amongst Mississippi’s legends and encounter inspiration at every turn.



Learning takes center stage
at The MAX.


MAX Live

Entertaining, eccentric, educational, and inspirational events await at The MAX.

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Celebrity status has its perks. Here's how we roll out the red carpet for every member.

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