What’s Outside

Water Wall

Touch it. Feel the cool water on your fingertips. See it ripple and shimmer as it slides down the blue wall, making patterns that glitter in the sun. There is something in the water here; come inside and see for yourself. The Water Wall curves along the front of The MAX, to the left of the main entrance. It reminds you that water shaped Mississippi, and that Mississippi is so much more than meets the eye. Snap a photo here as you begin your adventure at The MAX.



Mississippi’s favorite backyard venue, the Courtyard, is a scenic blend of art and nature. This versatile outdoor space is a spectacular setting for casual and formal events. Thanks to a two-story glass wall, the Hall of Fame rotunda supplies a breathtaking backdrop. Catch a Brown Bag Lunch concert with friends, soak up the sun with your family on a sunny afternoon, or enjoy a unique culinary event under the Mississippi stars.

Roof Terrace

Elevate your experience to new heights. Find the perfect cozy atmosphere for an intimate wedding or reception, a memorable professional gathering, or even a delightful girls’ night out on our breezy Roof Terrace. Here you will experience Mississippi in motion, feeling the rumbling of approaching trains and the bustling energy of downtown. You’ll be in your own little world, atop the city and way above the ordinary.


Walk of Fame

The excitement begins before you even walk through our doors. Walk amongst the stars on our Hollywood-style Walk of Fame from the MSU Riley Center all the way to the entrance of the museum. Bronze stars embedded in the sidewalks celebrate such favorites as Elvis Presley, B.B. King, John Grisham, Morgan Freeman, and dozens of others – with more added each year.


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