Permanent Exhibits

Mississippi gives rise to more than our fair share of legends.
See what inspired them and spark the legend within you.

The immersive exhibits at The MAX take you behind the scenes at the birthplace of the stars. Come explore their cultural influences, glimpse their earliest forms of creative expression, and see the raw creative process behind the polished work you know and love.

Feel the Land

Take a virtual trip so real you can almost feel the breeze in your face. Travel into landscapes that nurtured Mississippi artists. See what inspired their vibrantly personal artworks. Then paint or shape your own masterpiece.

Go Back Home

Share the magical moment of creation. Craft your own quilt square. Conjure up a meal out of thin air. Watch words fly onto a book page. Invent your own puppet show. See how we all pass on inspiration through the generations.

Share Community

Explore how people come together to create. Feel how artistic collaboration flourishes everywhere from stages and broadcast studios to bluesy juke joints. Even in school, meet kids with stories a lot like yours who grew up to be stars.

The Power of Church

Feel the spirit! Join the generations of Mississippi artists who drew energy and inspiration from the faith and sounds they found in church. See how their creativity has expressed itself in everything from gospel music to ballet.

Explore Who and Where

Trace the influences of Mississippi’s creators back to their roots. Understand how the places that shaped us stay with us wherever we go, for life. See how encounters with other people can spark astonishing bursts of artistic genius.

Reach Out to the World

Grasp just how widely and powerfully Mississippi has shaped the arts worldwide. See how little girls and boys who grew up not far from you touched hearts, minds, and souls across continents. Dream your own big dreams.

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