Hall of Fame

What stars will you find here? Almost too many to count. But it’s fun to try.

No visit to THE MAX is complete without a walk through our dramatic Hall of Fame. Get ready for an immersive, multisensory experience that truly brings you closer to the stars.

From world-famous musicians, actors and media personalities to visual artists, authors and others, an incredible number of arts and entertainment legends trace their roots to Mississippi. THE MAX is the first museum in the world to honor them all, together, in one spectacular space.

Throughout THE MAX, you’ll encounter the faces, famous works, influences and backstories of names you might expect — from Elvis to Oprah, B.B. King to Faith Hill, William Faulkner to Britney Spears — and many more that might surprise you. But there’s one place in particular where these stars shine brighter than anywhere else in THE MAX, and that’s inside our Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame is considered to be the centerpiece of THE MAX. This grand space soars two stories tall and encircles visitors on all sides with an awe-inspiring showcase of the many global cultural icons who have called Mississippi home. In this 360-degree exhibit, the tremendous impact of Mississippians in the arts and entertainment world will literally surround you.

By no means a static gallery, this exciting tribute to Mississippi’s arts and entertainment legends invites interaction and fuels imagination through touch-screens, sound and moving imagery.

But the most important gift this Hall of Fame will offer artists young and old is the important lesson that it doesn’t matter where you’re born, how little you have or how much adversity you face. Each of the legends honored here proves that creativity is more powerful than hardship. If you nurture it, who knows — one day you might be honored here, too.

Know a Mississippi legend? Want to nominate them for a spot in our Hall of Fame?

Let us know!