The Home

What could be more influential than the place that we call home?

For Mississippi arts and entertainment legends, some of the deepest and most lasting influences on their work go back to their childhood, to their earliest memories and their first sense of home.

What if these same legends could take you home with them? What if you could somehow see these influences taking place in their young lives? What if you could spot the connections between their famous works, and their first memories?

At THE MAX, you can. Our HOME exhibit welcomes you to the place where so many Mississippi artists found their earliest sources of inspiration. Gather round the dinner table, sit by the hearth and make yourself comfortable. You’ll learn how creativity was first expressed in Mississippi’s young artists and writers — and how it was nurtured along the way.

HOME is the exhibit at THE MAX that celebrates artists in their earliest environments, where they were first shaped and inspired. This exhibit explores early influences and creative processes rather than an artist’s eventual achievements or fame, and reflects on the unexpected connections and relationships between place and art.