Mississippi Museum in the International Spotlight

MERIDIAN, Miss. (November 19, 2020) – The Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience (The MAX) in Meridian is featured prominently in a German design publication titled New Exhibition Design 03.” This is the third international recognition for the exhibitions at The MAX and the innovative exhibition design work of Gallagher & Associates, an interdisciplinary design studio with offices in Washington, D.C.; New York; Portland, Oregon; and Singapore.

“New Exhibition Design 03” uses images and text to document new museums and their innovative exhibitions. According to the publication’s website, the entries feature “a broad overview of current concepts and trends in exhibition design and scenography from around the world. … There are numerous outstanding presentations with varied themes, content and groundbreaking designs.”

The 516-page book, in German and English, says of The MAX: “The design is based on the celebration of the artistic process, as opposed to its finished product. This way, creativity becomes accessible to everyone and inspires visitors to find purpose in the process of creation.” It describes The MAX as “a fully immersive, themed environment” and explains, “Visitors do not come to view art – they’re invited into the life of the artist. Upon entering the exhibits, visitors are transported to another time and place.”

The book includes interviews with 16 experts exploring new developments in exhibition design. It stresses the key role that exhibitions play in today’s world. Now more than ever before, it says, they “are reliable places for education, enlightenment and democratization.”

About The MAX
The Mississippi’s Arts + Entertainment Experience explores the state’s creative legacies in one immersive attraction. Here, visitors of all ages explore the global impact of Mississippians on music, literature, acting, painting, cuisine and other arts. The MAX honors our state’s extraordinary contributions and inspires the next generation through a unique blend of interactive exhibits. Come discover the Mississippi roots of some of the world’s arts and entertainment icons – Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey, B.B. King, Faith Hill, Sela Ward, Eudora Welty and Jim Henson, to name just a few. 

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