Adventures in the Imagination by Chuck Galey

The newest special exhibition at The MAX encourages shared experiences, specifically between a child and a parent or caregiver. Chuck Galey has illustrated children’s books for more than two decades. Adventures in the Imagination features original illustrations from Galey’s published books as well as new works in progress, both digital art and pen and ink with watercolor. This exhibition promises an enriching family experience.

A lifelong artist, Galey became an illustrator only after his plan to become an oceanographer became problematic – he suffered terribly from seasickness. Thus, he went back to school and returned to his first love, art. The Greenwood, Mississippi, native and Mississippi State University graduate has illustrated over 70 books for educational publishers across the country in addition to 15 children’s books, one of which he authored.

Galey, who now lives in Jackson, Mississippi, has found illustrating children’s books to be both challenging and rewarding. His main goal is to inspire children to become lifelong readers. Galey has presented workshops on the importance of illustration and visual storytelling in picture books to everyone from kindergarteners to adults. Presentations are important to Galey. “I never had anybody to come around Greenwood that I knew of that was actually an author or illustrator to show that there's actually a person behind that book," he said.

“Adventures in the Imagination is a wonderful exhibit that sparks the imagination, allowing you to create your own story around the artwork,” said Stacey Peralta, Curator of Exhibitions at The MAX.

This exhibition is sponsored by the Warner family in honor of teachers and parents who convey wonderfully illustrated stories to little ones – including a special “jazz cat” granddaughter in New Orleans.

The exhibit is free with museum admission.


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Image credits (left to right): Interior illustration for the picture book Jazz Cats, Chuck Galey, 2001, acrylic on paper; The Fat Stock Stampede at the Houston Rodeo, Chuck Galey, 2008, acrylic on paper.

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