‘Choctaw Expressions’ – ‘Savages and Princesses: The Persistence of Native American Stereotypes’


May 1, 2021–August 8, 2021

Learn about myths and realities of Native American culture, with a particular focus on Mississippi, through two special exhibitions on display at the same time: “Choctaw Expressions” and “Savages and Princesses: The Persistence of Native American Stereotypes.”

“Choctaw Expressions” tells the incredible story of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians’ perseverance, resilience, and growth. It includes basketry, beadwork, traditional dress, stickball-related objects, and other artifacts from the collections at the Chahta Immi Cultural Center, an hour northwest of The MAX near Philadelphia, Mississippi.

“‘Choctaw Expressions’ tells the story of a tribe whose members are our coworkers, neighbors, and friends,” said Stacey Wilson, Curator of Exhibitions at The MAX.

“Savages and Princesses: The Persistence of Native American Stereotypes” brings together 12 contemporary Native American visual artists who reclaim their right to represent their identities. The exhibit explores common notions about Native peoples that are based on falsehoods. The artists use humor and other unexpected approaches to correct the record and encourage viewers to question and challenge stereotypes.

“The juxtaposition of these exhibitions allows the visitor to see and understand, in real-time, the message that ultimately both exhibitions are trying to convey,” Wilson said.

The exhibit is free with museum admission.

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