The World on Paper: The Expressions and Realisms of Cathy Hegman and Laurin McCracken

The World on Paper: The Expressions and Realisms of Cathy Hegman and Laurin McCracken

May 7, 2022-August 13, 2022
Sponsored by the Paul & Sherry Broadhead Foundation.

The Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience invites you into the worlds of renowned watercolor artists Cathy Hegman and Laurin McCracken. In the newest exhibition at The MAX, we invite you to explore the ideas of representation and what constitutes reality.

The World on Paper celebrates the medium of watercolor, which Hegman and McCracken use to interpret the world as they see it. Specializing in realism, McCracken uses crisp lines to recreate the world in high detail, while Hegman, a figurative artist, blurs the lines to represent the world in figures. Showcasing masters of watercolor, this exhibition is a consideration of what the world is and what it could be, shedding a new light on the seemingly mundane.

Hegman has been working as a contemporary figurative artist for almost 40 years. She is represented by galleries such as Tew Galleries (Atlanta), Fischer Galleries (Jackson, Mississippi), and Carol Robinson Gallery (New Orleans). Hegman’s artwork has been displayed throughout the country as well as in Brazil, Wales, and England. She has taught workshops and written features and other articles for national art magazines.


Cathy Hegman


Laurin McCracken

As a realist watercolorist, McCracken emulates the Dutch and Flemish still life painters of the 16th and 17th centuries. He has won several awards and has been included in exhibitions around the world. McCracken is represented by Southside Gallery (Oxford, Mississippi) and Cassidy Bayou Gallery (Sumner, Mississippi). He also teaches workshops that allow students to improve their technique and expand their knowledge of the art of watercolor.

The World on Paper: The Expressions and Realisms of Cathy Hegman and Laurin McCracken features more than 25 paintings and juxtaposes two worlds with varying emotions and feelings. “When you really look at their artwork and experience it, though it was created at different times and in different spaces, you realize it is the same – visual interpretations of the world around us,” said Stacey Peralta, Curator of Exhibitions at The MAX. The exhibition will be on display at The MAX from May 7-August 13, 2022.

Bird Totems Wisdom of Happiness - Cathy Hegman
Chaos of Commitment - Cathy Hegman
Sewing Machine - Laurin McCracken
Tulips with Porcelain, Glass and Silver - Laurin McCracken

Related programming: Masterclass in Watercolor, August 11-13, 2022, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m

In this three-day watercolor class, McCracken will teach students how to add more realism to their paintings. Please note this is not a beginner’s class; students need some experience working with watercolor. Limited capacity. Registration required. Lunch provided. $250 for Members, $275 for nonmembers.

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