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“The MAX isn’t organized like any other history, culture, or art museum; the design is based around the idea that there is something special in the waters of Mississippi. Because of the place and its people, there is an inspirational quality that doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

“By connecting with the land, the home, the community, and the church, we invite the visitors to the Museum to see Mississippi through the lens of its artists. The “moments” that became the inspiration for the art are emphasized over the finished product. We hope that visitors will leave with renewed inspiration of their own.” – Cybelle Jones, Principle, G&A


Gallagher & Associates is an internationally recognized museum and cultural institution planning and design firm with offices in Washington, D.C., New York, San Francisco, and Singapore.  With over 100 employees, our experience ranges from cultural history and social issues, to the natural sciences, sports, music and the arts. The firm’s collective portfolio, from over 25 years, is extremely diverse and includes interpretive and economic master plans, full service renovations and complete ground-up building projects. We guide our clients not only in the initial visioning of the project, we also assist in feasibility, business and operations planning, strategic planning, content development and interactive media design.

G&A’s resume boasts a wide spectrum of successful visitor experiences for public and private sector museums, visitor and cultural centers, learning facilities, sports and science centers, corporations and entertainment attractions. We have worked closely with a large variety of organizations that use exhibition spaces to engage and inform their visitors about overarching complex missions.

G&A’s in-house teams of talented professionals combine thorough research, thoughtful planning and creative thinking to produce surprising and innovative solutions. We offer not only the complete design and oversight of projects; we also assist many of our clients in their branding, marketing, and fundraising efforts. This industry is a lifelong passion for every individual at G&A and our reputation and relationship with our clients is the single, most important focus of our work.

In addition to the talents of our principals and professional staff, there are several key factors that make our projects successful. The first is our commitment to understanding our client’s culture, traditions and specific needs. Equally important to success is our constant focus on high quality execution. In our interactions with the world’s most recognized cultural institutions, we are routinely acknowledged for the standards we maintain through the design and delivery of each experience element. Gallagher & Associates brings to the creative process an uncommon commitment to innovation and success.

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