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Changing Exhibits

Changing Exhibits

Pottery of George E. Ohr

October 3, 2020–January 10, 2021

Join us as we celebrate the eccentric genius of George E. Ohr the “Mad Potter of Biloxi.” Ohr’s work is unique in that his techniques, homemade glazes, and the shapes and forms he created pushed the art of ceramics to new limits.

Ohr created thousands of extraordinary pottery that he affectionally called his “mud babies” that smashed the staid conventions of his craft. “No two alike,” he said proudly. On his wheel, he shaped ceramic vessels of a thin-walled delicacy and grace that few can duplicate. He crumpled and twisted the clay before adding homemade glazes in extravagantly bright colors and sometimes left them unglazed as he saw the beauty in both.

Today, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art describes Ohr as “arguably America’s quintessential art potter.” Of his pitchers, vases and other vessels, The Met says, “In form and decoration, they are essentially abstract expressionism — almost 50 years before that movement was founded.”

George Ohr is a Mississippi legend and a charter member of The MAX Hall of Fame. His mud babies have done him proud, showcasing his and his state’s artistic legacy to the world. Starting Oct. 3 and running until Jan. 10, 2021, “Deliberately Distorted: The Pottery of George E. Ohr” features over 40 never seen before pieces. Come and see just how astute the Mad Potter was when he said that, after his death, “my work will be prized, honored and cherished.”

The exhibit is free with museum admission.


Folk art ‘The Saga of Red Eye the Rooster’

Exhibition features over 60 paintings by Mississippi folk artist O.W. “Pappy” Kitchens

September 29, 2020-March 7, 2021

Painter and writer William Dunlap presents “The Saga of Red Eye the Rooster,” an exhibition featuring the work of Mississippi folk artist O.W. “Pappy” Kitchens. The exhibition opens September 29th at The Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience, better known as The MAX.

The Crystal Springs native began painting at age 68. A self-proclaimed folk artist, Kitchens used to say, “I paint about folks, what folks see and what folks do.”

“The Saga of Red Eye the Rooster” chronicles Red Eye’s life after he was found by a little boy named Henry. Red Eye encounters almost all the seven deadly sins including violence, lust, and greed and heroically fought them all until he succumbs to his own fatal flaw.

“Always a fine storyteller of the Southern tradition, Mr. Kitchens often ruminated on the problems of the world and spoke in parables,” Dunlap told an interviewer from Jackson’s Clarion-Ledger newspaper in 2019. “The official art world at the time did not embrace the narrative, but that did not stop ‘Pappy’ Kitchens.”

Dunlap, a Mississippi native, painter, author, and Kitchens’ son-in-law, helped launch Kitchens’ artistic career. Dunlap’s book, “Pappy Kitchens and the Saga of Red Eye the Rooster,” will be available in the Museum Store for purchase.

The exhibit is free with museum admission.

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